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When East meets West, amazing design happens.​

It is when the clean line and simplicity of Western graphic
design meets the beauty and complexity of Eastern thought.

- Genevieve Gorder

About me

Push's story

My name is Pushpita Saha and I am a professional graphic designer and creative director of Push Studio. For the last 15 years, I have been creating and evolving brands across the globe. 


My design education journey started
at the Ringling School of Art and
Design in Florida, where I received
my B.F.A. in Graphic and Interactive 
Communication Design. 


I believe in infinite possibilities; that design has no boundaries, whether geographical, physical or conceptual.

My clients can see that philosophy in
my work through vibrant colors and
multi-dimensional textures. Push Studio provides thorough research, art theory and narrative storytelling in every project delivered. Seamlessly integrating both styles of Eastern and Western design, I can guarantee a finished product that is bespoke. 


Let’s work together to take your brand

to the next level! 

How I work

My creative process

I collaborate with our clients on every project to get the right message across. Vibrant colors and hand-created textures are an integral part of my style. If you need unique, thought provoking and out of the box creative solutions. Let’s work together to take your brand to previously unimaginable places!

My process consists of

these 4 stages.

1. Research

2. Strategy

3. Exploration

4. Activation

What I do

I offer the following services




Visual Language

Identity & Branding

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Graphic Design

Digital Design

Web & E-commerce Design

Editorial Design
Book Design


Environmental & Exhibition

Clients over the years


—  Abhyudaya Morarka,

Founder, FX School, Mumbai

“Push can push through all
and deadlines. She is a powerhouse in herself”


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