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The best way to change

the future is to design it.

- M. Cobanli

I love to play with various mediums to communicate ideas which are
out of the box, have a fresh perspective and are unique in themselves.
A few of our explorations though time.

A collage of a nest and a bird

Working with paper always excites us. We used everyday magazines to create this artwork for a client, to be used in their brochure.

A few good men

Sketched series of male figures to be used eventually for a poster

for a Syphilis campaign in Colorado.


mobile (in art) ... Often constructed of colored metal pieces connected by wires or rods, the mobile has moving parts that are sensitive to a breeze or light touch; it can be designed to hang from the ceiling or stand free on the floor.

We have always been intrigued by hanging mobiles as an art form. Through the years we have created multiple mobiles for personal use and pleasure of the senses.

The first mobile showcased below represents the play between modernism and Post-Modernism.

The second mobile is a copper mobile which was created to represent our feelings about a poem. It won best material usage award. The play of material and shadows created beautiful synergy between both the elements. 

The transformation Skirt bag

Created a bag to show transformation. The bag transformed to 4 sizes of bag packs depending upon the need of the user. Accordingly it could also turn into 4 lengths of skirts based on the need of the wearer. From a mini skirt into a long skirt in minutes!

Safetypin Accordian Books

Ate, slept and lived with a safety-pin for 6 months. Created pattern, color, character, texture, 3D studies of this daily used object. This project gave us a wonderful insight to how even a small object has such deep meaning to it. 

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