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Golite Illustrated Catalogs

Golite as a company believes in creating products which reduce the impact on nature, while allowing their consumers to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. The company is based out of Boulder, Colorado. These series of innovative illustrated catalogs helped rebrand Golite. Fantastical hand created illustrations were meant to take consumers to the magical outdoors, romanticize nature and distinguish Golite from other outdoor sporty industry brands.


Art Direction, Print, Illustration



Flip through a few pages


All the illustrations within the catalog took long hours of layered drawings. We came up with our own process of first composing the scenes and then starting with the detailed pen and ink drawings. These were then layered with background watercolor textures and paintings. All these elements were eventually scanned at high resolution and then finally edited in photoshop. 

A new technique was developed which seamlessly integrated photography with hand created illustrations. These catalogs pioneered and revolutionized the Outdoor Sports industry and were highly appreciated by the entire community. It was truly magic to see these illustrations and catalogs come to life.


Before and After illustrations

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